• Located on the first floor near the TSA Screening Checkpoint
  • Provided by Fifth Third Bank


  • Located next to escalators just past the TSA Screening Checkpoint
  • Elevator is handicap accessible


  • Men's/Women's available on first floor behind escalators
  • Men's/Women's/Family available on second floor behind terminal waiting area
  • All restrooms are handicap accessible

TSA Special Needs

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for transitioning passengers through the airport's security check points. Learn more about TSA procedures for people with special needs here.
  • If you have any medical devices, such as syringes or special apparatuses that might be questioned at the security check point, you should check with your airline in advance of the flight to confirm the requirements. Under FAA regulations, diabetics who need to fly with syringes or insulin delivery systems should carry a vial of insulin with a professional, pharmaceutical pre-printed label which clearly identifies the medication. Because of the possibility of forgery, prescriptions and letters of medical necessity will not be accepted.
  • Only ticketed passengers are allowed past security check points. However, many airlines are issuing special "companion passes" to non-travelers assisting travelers with disabilities or children traveling alone that allow them to accompany passengers with special needs to the gates. Travelers should check directly with the airlines they are traveling on to see what options are available.


  • Wheelchairs available in terminal on first come, first serve basis
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